Meet the Moms Behind the Crew

We’re two friends who believe we’re better together and that life and parenting should be FUN. We see such a need for community in this world especially for women and moms. We lean on each other and want to extend that support into a space for women to feel loved and excited for LIFE. We have different life stories and believe we can relate to so many different people.

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As a serial entrepreneur and mom of three kids, Paisley (6), Brinley (4), and Krew (2), I lead a busy life. I had my first child when I was 21 and in college. You can imagine what a shock this was for me. I had so many plans and huge dreams for my future self, and with this shock of motherhood at such a young age, all of those plans came to a screeching halt. One year after my daughter was born, we moved to a new place where I knew no one. As a young mother, it was tough to build an income and relationships from scratch. But I was determined.

I wanted to realize my potential beyond being a mother, so I started a beauty business that, remarkably, generated multi-millions in less than a year. Realizing that I was financially independent and not obligated to ask my husband for pocket money was an empowering feeling. Once life started shifting, I found myself stuck professionally. I couldn’t quite figure out exactly what I wanted to be doing. Do I want to stay at home and raise my babies full time? Do I want to follow that desire to be professionally successful? I’ve always had this desire to help women see their potential and help them become whatever it is they want to be. PK & Crew is this beautiful dream all wrapped into one and so in line with my passion – being a mom and helping other moms succeed.

"Women must prioritize self-care, and if things don’t turn out as they had planned, that’s okay!"


I always knew I wanted a family of my own but growing up without much stability I focused on my career for quite sometime before venturing down that path. I grew a brand name for myself worldwide with nearly 10 million followers across social media and spread my passion helping people with their own health and wellness journey.

Fitness became a huge part of my life and self-image. After getting pregnant in my early 30s, I heavily struggled with my evolving body image and identity. Simply put, my body felt so foreign and odd. I didn’t recognize myself. Who was I? Trying to figure out who the new me was, aside from being “Mom” has been a process of self- “rediscovery.”

As my priorities, focus, and brand message changed entirely, I practiced giving myself grace. As a brand, and personally, I had to reinvent myself.

After moving to a new state with a new baby, we dealt with so many unexpected things including Jason taking a big financial hit that devastated his business, depression and postpartum anxiety. During what should have been the happiest period of our lives, we were drained and riddled with stress.

Since then I’ve grown so much as a woman and learned how to navigate this complicated terrain without feeling to overwhelmed.

Using my own experience, I want to encourage and support other women with safe resources so that they can become their own “Queen of Figuring It Out”. I want every mom to know that YOU are a SUPERWOMAN. You created a miracle and your body is remarkable. I want to be there to help all women remember to treat themselves with more love, patience and compassion! PK and Crew for me is a passion project of creating resources and an incredible community for others to discover their own journey through it all.

"When it comes to being a mom, there is always so much pressure. We believe in self-kindness, not harsh judgment; accepting people as they are––and trying our hardest to never let fear take over what we love most: being parents!"

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