How to Start & Grow A Business While Being Present With Your Family

How to Start & Grow A Business While Being Present With Your Family

How to Start & Grow A Business While Being Present With Your Family

Written by Kelsea Koenreich

Hi! I’m Kelsea Koenreich, a mama to three littles and a multiple six figure business owner who works with high-impact business owners and leaders all over the world to help them create more freedom by working less hours and making more money! 

I’ve found that so many women have gifts they haven’t touched or aren’t utilizing yet, we are in a beautiful time where there is freedom to create abusiness doing anything you love! There is so much fulfillment in creating a business where you can work when you want, how you want, and make great money doing it.

Many women are afraid that if they start a business, or go all in on their side-hustle it will take away from their families. I am here as living proof of the opposite and I want to tell you how you can start and grow your business without sacrificing time away from the people that you love.


Alright, let’s dig in…

  1. Come up with an idea & set fear to the side.

You have something that you are passionate about outside of motherhood, before you became a mother you had hobbies and participated in things you loved. Starting a business all starts with an idea born from your passion and is built by taking action. Your brain will try to tell you it’s not the right time, but that is only fear trying to detour you from the success you are meant for. When you sit down and write out what you really enjoy doing, there is something within you that can really help and serve people. 

Maybe you love teaching women how to organize their homes to make life easier, or you are obsessed with putting together fashionable outfits that allow trips to the park in style. You might have a past job history that you did something you really enjoyed but you stopped to stay home with your kids, there is something that you have experience in and a passion for that is your secret sauce.

When you help and serve other people either through a service you provide or a product you believe in, you deserve to be paid for it. The truth is, you are already selling things each day when you talk about that new book you read that inspired you, the way that certain dress made you feel when you put it on, or telling someone about a great experience you had at a restaurant. Your business is a way to sell services or products you love and have experience with, while having the added benefit of helping someone.

As a mother you have the added advantage of being very good at problem solving and quick solutions, and you can use this to your advantage to help others. To create your business idea you want to combine something that brings you passion & joy with a solution that fills a gap, or solves a problem.  Once you have your idea, you proceed forward in creating it – even though you don’t have all the pieces of what it looks like and it feels scary. Do it anyway!

You will think that someone is already doing it, but know that nobody has your same story and skill set combination so everything you do will be done differently! You are one of one, and so is your business.


  1. Create a structure that has boundaries to protect your energy & time.

After you have your business idea you want to put some structure around it. For this you want to think about how many hours you want to be working, and how you want to feel in your days. Many ambitious women end up burned out and overwhelmed because they don’t consider the balancing act that will take place in raising humans and running a business. 

By thinking about the balance you want to have before starting your business, as you grow you have a set of boundaries that you’ve committed to for yourself. You don’t need to work a 9-5 to have financial freedom, and you don’t need to sacrifice yourself or time with your family in the process. 

I’ve built a multiple six-figure business working less than 20 hours a week that allows for financial freedom and being able to be present for all of my kids adventures and activities. If I can do it, you can too.

Lay out the ideal schedule for how much you want to work and then identify what the non-negotiables are for you to keep balance in your life – maybe you do a date night every Friday so you will never work Friday nights. Maybe you want to make sure you never miss a soccer game or are able to pick your kids up for school every day so you need to have shorter work days… anything is possible when you create it.

The key to building this for yourself is being unapologetic about what you are creating, being committed to honoring your desires, and getting over your people-pleasing. Having the idea of how you want your business to look and feel will give you the structure to fall back on.

  1. Ask for help & Ask for more help

 As you are building and growing, you will need help. The biggest shift for you here is to stop thinking that you should know how to do it all and that because it’s your business you should be able to figure it all out. 

Think about how often we Google things we don’t know! This isn’t any different, regardless of your background you are moving into new territory and the more help you have – the easier it will be and the longer you’ll be able to do it!

Make things easier for yourself by asking for as much help as you can outside and inside the business. When you ask for help it allows you to get done what you want to get done in a shorter period of time. Inside the business, having a coach can teach you how to grow and scale a business will create momentum by giving you an actionable plan to follow.

Outside of the business, take a look at all the responsibilities on your plate and start thinking about what you can hand off to make your load lighter. This can be as simple as asking your partner to do the cooking a few nights a week, hiring a cleaning company or a meal delivery service. Let’s break the old generational ways of doing things and really step into being the powerful leaders we are as women!

When you have more support, you can go further and create the bigger business and the better life that you envision. Remember, nobody gets to the top alone.

I hope this gives you clarity and hope for creating your business, and I can’t wait to hear what you come up with! If you have any questions I am always happy to help and you can easily reach me over on Instagram.

You can check out my website and learn more about what I do over at

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